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Hey, you!

We are Mangoose, we are a small community of morons that occassionally do scans but mostly just meme and play video games

Our servers are financed and hosted by some French company that don't know they're financing and hosting us and we break everything constantly

If you join any of our networks and misbehave we might ban you or, even worse, yell at you.

We also have a Discord and soon an IRC server.


If you want to join us in whatever games then here's a server list. If you aren't a total fag you can also join us on Discord and IRC.

Server list


We also do scans of some stuff where there doesn't seem to be any better scans because some people are complete fucking retards.



Donations are really cool. People who donate are also cool. Do you want to be cool? Cool is just a click away, for a limited time only!

Make me cool!
  • A fancy name
  • Bragging rights
  • Eternal love
  • Become popular
  • Us not yelling at you